How to save your hair color from fading

Today very few people have their original hair color. Some get white hair in young age due to many reasons like tension, use of shampoos and other chemicals. To hide the white colored hair, hair colors are used which is again the use of chemicals. As you areusing the hair colors, it comes with a time limit and after some time the hair color starts fading. Some people apply hair colors as the symbol of fashion. So some care is to be taken when the hair color is applied so that it does not fade. There are some ways in which you can protect your hair color from fading.

Color protecting shampoo and conditioner

When you apply color on your hair you should use the color protecting shampoo and conditioner. Usually the brands that provide the hair colors also provide their shampoo and conditioner. It helps in protecting the color that you have applied. It will protect the hair color and the color will not fade easily form your hair.

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Go natural

Instead of using the hair dye you can use the lemon to color your hair. If you have some hair with different color, you can use a cotton ball and apply lemon on that hair to change the color of that hair. This is useful as there will be no need of applying the chemicals to the hair and it will last for a longer time. Lemon can also help you to remove dandruff from your hair which is responsible for white hair. It also helps to make your hair long and strong.

Wash hair less

Hair color is chemical that is applied on your hair which changes its color. When you use the shampoos your hair color fades faster. There are clove shampoos and other types of shampoos available that will not let the hair color fade but it will take the color more deep into the hair. Using such shampoos is useful. There are lots of offers to buy the best brand. Use nykaa coupon to get some offer to buy your best products.

Apply oil on hair

You should apply oil regularly on your hair so that it protects your hair. Many of the people directly apply shampoo and do not apply oil. Oil is useful and provides nutrients to hair. It helps in keeping the hair color intact and maintains its beauty. SO it is advisable to apply oil on hair to keep hair color from fading.

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Wear hat

The hair color used is chemicals and when they get mixed with other electrons it can fade the hair color. So you should always wear a hat while going out to keep the hair color intact. It helps in protecting the hair color from fading.