How to Care for the Skin of Your Face

When it comes to skincare, everything is individual. And yet there are recommendations that will suit everyone. We asked the leading experts in the field of dermatology and cosmetology to name the universal rules that will help you to delay the aging process of the skin


Dr. Olivier Courten-Clarins, CEO of the Clarins Group, told us the following: “Relax your facial muscles and relax your body as often as possible. When you are tense, without even noticing it, you are clenching your jaw. As a result, a wrinkle between the eyebrows is created, the tips of the lips are lowered. A relaxed face looks calm and attractive.

Do regular breathing exercises. For a few minutes, forget about your problems, find a quiet place, take a comfortable position and breathe slowly, preferably with your nose, without any effort. This contributes to the saturation of cells with oxygen, it gives the face freshness and makes it shiny. Rinse your face off with cool water. This technique is perfect to maintain the tone of your skin."


Dr. David Orentreich, a leading dermatologist at Clinique, recommends that every day, in the morning and evening, you must repeat three simple steps: cleansing, peeling and moisturizing. The composition and type of products depend on your skin type. So, you can clean your face with a dermatological soap (if you have oily skin).

Rinse your face with cool water to maintain the right skin tone.


French cosmetologist Joelle Ciocco, the creator of various facial massage techniques and consultant for the L’Oréal Paris, believes that any care should be supplemented with self-massage. It takes from 3 to 5 minutes, it is suitable for any age and skin type and it increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products.

In cosmetics, it is better to give preference to creams with ingredients that retain moisture inside the cells.

First, you need to improve the lymph circulation. To do this, press simultaneously with the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands on the skin, moving from top to bottom - from the forehead to the neck. Then you need to gently grab and lift the skin with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, without stretching it too much. You need to do the same sort of motions to the rest of your face and neck. In conclusion, you need to pat your face with your fingers so that the skin turns slightly red. Such motions stimulate blood circulation, enrich the skin with oxygen and make it look better


London beauty therapist John Tsagaris, the creator of the Skin Point Eight cosmetic line and author of various acupuncture-based rejuvenation techniques, says that most women misuse care products: “For example, it is believed that the more products you put on your face, the better.”

“But the more products you have on your face, the more bacteria, black spots, and inflammations will there be. Don’t overdo it, there is no reason to. You should never cover oily skin with a lot of cream and you should never use light textures with dry skin. And remember, less is more."