6 Mind-Boggling Ways to Express Love From Around the Globe

To win over a woman they love, men habitually do something dumb, commit misdeeds, and perform exploits... So it has always been. Moreover, men in ancient times did not have such an abundance of opportunities that modern guys can boast of, so the ways to express love for a woman were truly weird. So, we have selected the most original ways that helped men win over women's hearts in ancient times.

1. Taiwan trophies

The representatives of the Atayal people from the island of Taiwan gave their beloved women the dried head of their sworn enemy. Such a gift testified not only to the gentleman's love but also to his courage. Of course, the lady could refuse if she didn’t like the trophy or someone had already presented her with a more beautiful gift. Also, if the girl agreed to the marriage, then after the wedding ceremony, the newly-made husband and wife applied tattoos that covered the entire face.

2. Puritan passions

A man could marry a Puritan woman only by proving his resilience to temptation. A guy and a girl who expressed a desire to become spouses were put in the same bed, forbidding even to touch each other. Only those guys who passed the test were allowed to marry a Puritan woman. Some tribes in North America still adhere to this tradition.

3. Indian abductions

Strong girls from the East Indian state of Bihar had no time to suffer from unrequited love. They simply stole the guy they liked in the middle of a dark night. And if the man was athletically built, and the lady found it really difficult to drag him off alone, then the girl could ask her parents for help. Having kidnapped their beloved, resourceful Indian girls immediately arranged a marriage ceremony.

4. Scandinavian courtship

Harsh Scandinavians value two things: strength and... poetry. In ancient times, a delicate Scandinavian romantic hit the girl he liked in the face with a bouquet of wildflowers. After that, he finished her off with love songs, which he composed either independently or with the help of a professional master – skald. Moreover, the skalds were forbidden to recite other people's poems on the pain of death. By the way, poetry is one of the best ways to attract single Ukrainian ladies – write a poem for a girl you like and she will definitely be yours!

5. Papuan practicality

The people of New Guinea are extremely practical. The local Papuans know the value of everything, even love. If a man fell in love with a woman, he paid a ransom for his beloved in the amount of 5 choicest pigs. After all, these animals are almost family members for the Papuans. In addition, the locals actively used pigs as currency. A similar tradition in New Guinea survives to this day. However, the payment for the beloved has grown – up to 10 choicest pigs.

6. Greek apples

The ancient Greeks honored women very much, so they threw... apples at them. Historians explain such manifestation of feelings by two legends. The first is about the "apple of discord" as the cause of the Trojan War. It was the apple of the "most beautiful" that sparked a controversy between the three most powerful Greek goddesses: Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Thus, throwing apples at a girl, the man admits that he considers his chosen one the most beautiful.

The second legend tells of Atalanta, who agreed to marry the man who would beat her on the run. The warlike girl pierced the losers with a spear. However, the sensible Hippomenes scattered golden apples along the way, and while Atalanta was collecting blissful fruits, he ran over the finish line first. Thus, he saved his life and got the bride. Good job!